In a country were the media are censored by power groups and polititians to extremes that would not be tolerated in any free country, I had lost all faith in finding published any line or photo of interest. I was wrong! As you can see, the Marianne magazine had a highly appealing cover: l'Anti-France... And as I was walking along the Seine, I asked myself: Am I anti-French? I then tried to recall my experiences with French products, services, processes and people. Some images that I pictured were French cars, French polititians, French people's smell, French behaviour in WWII and all those mean waiters... I was hopelessly facing the reality that I am anti-French until I looked at a person reading the "Da Vinci Code"... and then I saw it very clearly: The Louvre's pyramid!! I really like the Louvre's pyramid!! Thanks to the Louvre's pyramid, I can say that I am not anti-French.


At least one and a half years in the thing

No, I didn't read the book. I don't want to read THAT book. At least, not while I am still here, in the thing.

I flipped a few pages of
Stephen Clarke's book 'A year in the merde' and decided not to buy it and add more suffering to the already painful experience of sharing the streets of my town with those individuals who vote for Jean Marie Le Pen, hate foreigners and think that Finnish food is the worst stuff ever conceived by man.

Why this blog? I wanted to express how I feel living in Paris, surrounded by the world's most arrogant (and illiterate) people on Earth, but not with the purpose of taking revenge, but rather with the desire of contributing to making the French change. I want French people to realise that they make the world miserable every time they behave miserably and that they could do a lot of good to the foreigners who set foot along the Seine river and contribute to the world's karma by just being nice.

Many years in the merde is not a blog of prejudices; it is a consolidated account of a foreigner's experiences in Paris and welcomes contradictory opinions. I will start off my remembering some of the situations I faced during my almost two year in Paris and will try to update it as new "developments" happen to me.

Thanks for contributing, you are invited to add to any of my postings.