CPE: And the winner is... Roger Toussaint!

So, we had general strike today. And who won? De Vil? The rioters? No, no, no! They all tried to show they had palle, but there's little merit in what they do. De Vil because he got the job as windfall (guys, and he is still on trial period!!!) and the rioters because rioting here in France is for free.

I was in New York on December 5th, where Roger Toussaint led a strike that paralised the mass transit system. And watch out, for stopping the metro in New York, the trade union leaders can be punished with inprisonment, the unionists with dismissal and the rest of strikers with big fines. With all that, there you had that guy, a Caribbean immigrant, standing up against the powerful and stopping the entire city.

What a difference. Here in France, a bunch of guys equipped with stones and little interest in finding a first employment can organise a strike and decline an invite to talk to the PM. It's for free!

If you want strikes, learn from the IGM Metall or from the US transport unions. Those guys are brave.

De Vil ZERO. Rioters ZERO. France ZERO. Everybody loses.

How easy is being a French.


Blogger sybariter said...

Are you stuck in France, you poor miserable sod ? How many times do you plan to say NO to France - it gets very boring, especially when badly argued and ill-informed, e.g. the people who organise the demos don't have stones, you're thinking of a small bunch of "casseurs' who tag along to cause trouble - a type which exists in every country. I think Villepin thinks the demos and strikes are organized quite well enough - he's getting very isolated. Even the tough Sarkozy is calling for suspension of the CPE and consultation.

2:31 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Interesting blog. But please learn the difference between loose and lose. And generally how to spell.

For me as a resident (and happy to be so) of France this is more amusing than anything else.

4:45 PM  
Blogger Uranus said...

Hey sybariter,
I am not a great fan of the CPE and I do not think that all the people who went to the public demonstrations were casseurs, what I hate is the French conservatives, always looking to the past, the empire, the old customs, etc. De Vil made a big mistake but then he offered talks to the people against the CPE, but then his offer was declined. So, what is the counter-proposal? Yes, French like shouting, barking, making noise and pissing everybody else off, but what do they propose? Many people who were in greve the other day only wanted to complain or to fight for some individual selfish priviledges. French are so selfish that agreement is impossible.

Thanks for the feedback. I made the change, let me know if you any other error.


2:50 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

There was an error in your answer!

Sorry. I am an English teacher in Paris. I am therefore pedantic. Which translates as a pain in the arse for the froggies i teach.


3:38 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

To me, French rioters and demonstrators are not really conservative.. They refer to a past that has nothing to do with the old colonial days : have you ever heard about La Commune ?
The French Revolution should not be limited to 1789... and maybe it's still not over

9:54 AM  
Anonymous martine said...

sorry, i'm not anonymous :p

9:55 AM  
Blogger Uranus said...

La Commune?
What a joke! I recall Karl Marx being kicked out of this country and finding refuge in London, where he was given all the freedom to do his work.

French = Conservatives

8:51 PM  

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