From "the Revolution" to "the Riots"

The French have an undisputed reputation of troublemakers: Stealing art works from Egypt, brutally invading Indochina, sponsoring slavery in Africa or selling weapons in the Middle East are just a few expamples of their relentless will to disrupt the good karma in the world. Now that their past imperial power is fading away, the die-off has begun. One year ago they went to the streets to complain against the abstract concept of Europe, a few months ago it was the turn of their discriminated inmigrants' offspring, now it is the hopeless students. Crisis, chaos, decadence... here is where French lazyness leads.

While Renault and PSA "go East" looking for cheap labour and "flexible labour markets" so that they can become more profitable, their employees demand less working hours and more pay, their sons and daughters a job and their immigrants some respect in the factory floor. Nobody wants to give up, everybody blames the rest and the riots are seen as a good way to back up each participant's arguments.

While the anti-CPE riots break, I read the news and it is not the coverage of the riots what I catches my eye, but the results of a nationwide survey that concludes that "One in three French 'are racist'" (http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/europe/4832238.stm). The actual conclusion was no news to me, but the openess of the French about it is really outstanding. So, if 1 in 3 declare they are racists, can you imagine what will be the real percentage?????? 95%? Maybe the French are frank after all?

The problem of France is not the CPE, the problem of France are not the immigrants, the problem of France is that they have spent the past 150 years drinking wine, eating cheese and blaming the others for their own mistakes.

Tough times are awaiting the French.


Anonymous Sjoerd Slot said...

You really Rock dude!!!

I do agree with you that French are lazy, to much wine and to much movies (Can you imagine a French watching a Hollywood Frenchy oriented movie hehehe) but specially NONE perspective or reallity, besides this I will add that they could take a shower once in a week AT LEAST!!!! smelly bastards!!!!
Yes, they are sooo racist "French crackdown on 'racist soup' "(http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/europe/4644766.stm) and that's because they are always againts any good European politics that affects its personal proud.. "HOW COME ANOTHER EUROPEAN COUNTRY IS DOING BETTER THAN US!!! I WANT TO WORK LESS HOURS, I WANT TO BE THE CENTER IN EUROPE AND I WANT TO BE THE INTELLECTUAL PIVOT... WHY GERMANS ARE BETTER THAN ME?? WHY DUTCH CAN SMOKE CANNABIS FREELY?? WHY SPANISH PLAY BETTER SOCCER?? WHY ENGLISH ARE MORE MORE MORE GOODLOOKING THAT US?? " man they are alway showing their frustation that the rest of the EU are doing better that them.

Hey, I do suggest you to do an special "report" about French girls, some of them really nice flesh, but really living in the Fashion-French-stupid-lookAtMe mood.


Mr T

2:19 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is hard not to be racist these days.. I mean race DOES accounts for differences in human character and since races hardly intermingle with each other.. we are all by principle separated since the begining.. Separated by these big-bricked walls of fronteirs, cultural differences,believes, prejudices, etc.....
But, what is so bad about being racist?
Why do we have to love or be nice to everyone???
If there are differences,why do we want to pretend that WE ARE ALL THE SAME!! WE ARE NOT! NOR EVER WILL BE....
That is simply why, you my dear Uranus, dont like the French, that is why you are able to feel their negative karma, because you're different!, you are not French, so you can percieve what French can not...
So why complicate your life trying to save the world in your own terms?? Why not just accept that WE ARE ALL RACIST!!! Yeah!! THAT IS SURELY WHY WE ALL HATE THE FCK FRENCH!!!!

Surco V

3:33 AM  
Blogger DanR said...


you criticise the french for being racist and then criticise the french for being lazy.

now, from where i'm standing that looks like two racist comments. no wonder you seem to have attracted some fascist nutters to your comments box.

5:44 PM  

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