Grandeur? Only some shadows

Yesterday, the French president Chirac, walked out of a European meeting in Brussels "deeply shocked by the language used at this summit" reports the BBC website. Of course, the language was English, the most widely spoken language for business in Europe.

Mr Chirac felt he had the right to tell a speaker (who happened to be French, but who also happened to be at that summit representing the European business community and before an European audience) what language he had to talk. Since the culprit was also French, the "NON" stance of Chirac was countered by another "NON" of the the guy. The result? Chirac walked out of the meeting followed by his secretaries. He would only return later to listen to a French guy speaking in French.

Failure with Paris 2012, the European Constitution referendum, the revolts in the suburbs... The power of France in the world is just a farce, their arrogance only a joke and their influence on world affairs (leave alone Europe where they have lost any credibility after the Referendum disaster) is only smoke of nostalgy. Even the Paris-Dakar rally no longer begins in Paris, in fact it is now just called "the Dakar" (it started in Lisbon this year).

The grandeur is gone, will their arrogance last forever?


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