I am a happy customer of La Poste now

At some point I began to think that the boggie man, in France, dressed in yellow and worked for La Poste. Every visit to the Kafkaesque yellow offices was preceeded by a period of fear and the "Post office hangovers" would last for weeks.

Anyhow, I managed to lead a pretty comfortable life since I decided not to visit the Poste office. I analysed under what circumstances I had to visit such a scary place, and designed alternative processes, exploiting technologies such as E-mail, telephone and buses.

Today was the day I had to go to the post office... I arrived shaking and distressed, I tried to get ready for the fight with the hyperlazy, hyperuseless employee... as I my turn was approaching, I could hear the shouts closer and closer, louder and louder... when finally I made it to the front line I was surprised by something new: This time, I didn't witness a postal office employee attacking a customer, no, this time I saw a customer barking at the employee!

What a radical change! It seems like La Poste is hiring more and more foreigners. The benefits are clear: Better performance, more motivation, enhanced work ethics and better customer service. I am even sure that these new Poste employees don't mind if they get fired for not working well (is the CPE already working and these guys are the best benefitiaries...?).

Poste, congratulations, good job! Now, there's a much harder task ahead: Working on this side of the counter. Maybe in a near future, La Poste will be a pleasant place to visit.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Uranus,
There must be other more productive ways to spend your time? Non?

1:58 PM  
Anonymous Ducth Papa said...

Hey Uranus,

Do not pay attention to those who said you are wasting your time. You are doing a great work and kicking those stupid french asses.
Well, you had really good luck in La Poste but it is not always like that,not all the time you have the chance to deal smoothly with an English (it had to be an english for such a great performance hehehehe and I guess from Brighton!!!)... cuz I think they have not understood yet they have to do outsourcing of all french workers and replace those lazzzzy bastard for really productive people like: Dutch, German and Spanish.

Keep posting my dear friend!!!!

Mr T

5:48 PM  

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