I asked for a bag, but I got an idiot

I tried. Following the advice given to me by some of my friends, I decided to stop all insurgency against the French. The objective was enhancing my lifestyle and contributing to circulate some good karma in this city of losers. However, yesterday some Monoprix supermarket employee made me reconsider my decision. I cannot just let people outside France believe that the French are normal people. No, they are not, they vote for people like Le Pen, Sarkozy and Chirac (I will talk about these guys some other day) and behave like the baddies of a James Bond movie.

OK, the Monoprix event. For the past weeks, I have been quite busy travelling around Europe: Fron Scandinavia to Spain, and from England to Austria. Somehow, I had got accustomed to having friendly chats with friendly people, but yesterday that illusion faded away when I reached the only till of the Monoprix on Boulevard de l'Opera handled by a non-Asian guy. After paying I started packing the items that I had bought, including a couple of glass bottles. Since there was only one plastic bag, I asked the French-looking employee for another bag, which I got. After having distributed the weight between the two bags, I asked him for a third bag (so that I could have a back up bag in case any of the two bags broke on my way home), and then the guy said NON. Why?, I asked, and then I learned that each bag could carry up to 5 kilos. I explained to him that I probably had 4 kilos in each bag however I had a long way to walk back home and I was carrying some glass bottles and I would feel better if I had a third bag. But the guy said NON NON NON, that a bag is designed for 5 kilos, that it's impossible that a bag breaks with 4 kilos and all the blah blah blah and the stupid speeches that the French learn since their not so bitter infancy. I was about to start a fight with the guy, but then I looked at the queue of people waiting their turn: the French fowning, the foreigners resigned. Only out of respect for the foreigners I decided to take my two bags, and head to the exit.

On my way out, I asked an Asian employee if I could get a spare bag, he gave me two. As I accumulated anger I could not stop thinking: "Yesterday I was in Milan! People were nice!".


Anonymous Amy said...

So, do you consider yourself a looser too because it sounds like you live in Paris. Just curious...

11:15 PM  
Blogger Uranus said...

Well, yes and no. When I got this job offer in Paris 2 years ago I decided to erase all previous bad experiences with French people and have a fresh start. I did try hard, but very soon I found that I was wrong giving the French a chance, that they are still those unbathed arrogant people that we all have learned in our childhoods. At some point, I decided to give myself a second opportunity, and I moved to Chinatown where I can avoid them and still lead a normal life. Right now I consider myself a loser since I have come to my second anniversary in Paris. Yes, I am a loser, I wasn't good enough for London, Berlin, Madrid or Rome.

12:54 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Yes, I am a loser"

The only balanced point you've made so far.

7:16 AM  
Anonymous Maxi said...


I love your name by the way. Im a Uranian myself (and this isnt some kind of joke)...

anyway, the bag issue. I absolutely LOVE monop' simply BECAUSE of their stinginess with the bags! Take your own bags to the bloody supermarket, and help this planet, i say.

6:18 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You're not going to believe this (but then again living in France you will) but I had the same problem in France with the bags at a Monoprix many years ago. Fortuately I hadn't paid yet and I left everything in front of the cash register. Of course the cashier, a pure blood had to get her two cents worth and shouted out, "I could care less, there are people who will put it back on the shelves"

I went back the next day to complain to the manager but as they are weak spined, he started getting on my case, explaining about how being a cashier is not a rewarding job yadda yadda yadda!

Vive la république!

8:59 AM  

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