In many other countries, if you write a book on "How to say no" you may make it to the shelves of the high street book shops. Here in France, saying no is not a skill short in supply, it is actually an elegant custom. NON. Do you want a napkin in the restaurant? NON! Do you want some help with the baggage? NON! Cinema for tonight? NON! NON! NON!

The French have some reputation for "fighting" in the streets, but what do they fight for? Food for the poor? Books for the populace? Soap for all? No, they only take the streets to protect priviledges or be allowed to abuse existing priviledges. If you see a bunch of people rallying, be assured, they are not trying to help you, at the end of the day, those guys rioting or with the speaker are the same guys who mistreat you at the restaurant, in the office, at the airport. Or did you think Geldoff, Bono or Greenpeace were French?

These days, a bunch of people are making a lot of noise about the CPE (First Employment Contract law, a law that makes it cheap for employers to fire youger employees), and who are rioting? Those people affected. Let the government sign a law opening the doors of the elitist universities to the snobs, and you will have a parade of Ferraris and Rolls Royces and horses jamming Champs Elyses demanding respect for the historical rights of their owners.

Being French means many things, but above them all, the ability to say NON NON NON, with the only exception of protecting the priviledges of self.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I suggest you move to Texas, Alabama, Mississippi, or anywhere else around there...you'll find people of your own kind. But we don't want you in Paris.

4:16 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Of course you donĀ“t want Uranus in Paris, cuz He got the real picture of the "Parisian" behave: INTOLERANCE!!! and my dear frenchy-friend you are the living prove of this!!!!

I got to addmit that besides Paris, I do not know any other town in France, and I do not know if people not living in Paris behave in the same way... and by "the same way" I mean: French saying NON all time and being agressive all time and that bad stuff you have talked.... the only time when you can see a French from Paris happy is when they go to Amsterdam to smoke , or if you come from Amsterdam the first thing they will ask you is if you brought some "grass"... so as you can see the NON !! NON!! NON!! bahave is wired inside their brians and it is only disconnected using drugs hehehehe man!!!! so they are hopeless.... I do suggest you to stay in Paris couple of year more, cuz now that you know they are weak you can take advantage of them... and make a lot of money!! I mean, they do not need their money they are happy following their bad mood!!!!! money is useless for them



Mr T

Brighton RULES!!!!!!!

5:10 PM  
Blogger Uranus said...

What makes you think I will find my kin in Texas?

I always find people "like me" everywhere I go to, even in Paris.


12:06 AM  

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