The Party

Today our president invited all employees to a cocktail. We shared a few canapes and some champagne and wished good luck to one of our colleagues who has been recently promoted and will (lucky him!) leave France soon. The president delivered a very nice speach, remembering some of the funniest moments of this person.

At the end of the speech, the lucky guy talked, thanked everyone in the room for their support during his years in Paris and wished us good luck. Then we began to drink. There were 3 very clear clusters: The French bosses, the French workers, and the foreigners... At some point, one guy form the sencond group got into my vital circle and said: "This is unacceptable!".

"You didn't like the champagne, you idiot?" (OK, OK, I am exaggerating again... I just said What?).

And he answered: "How come a French guy, in France, dares to address us in English?"

I didn't know what to do with my eyes... frown? rise my eyebrows? close my eyes and have a nap? What I did know was the answer: "Because we work for an English company? Because you owe your salary to that guy who also owes his wealth to an English company? Because English is the most common language in business?"

"Unacceptable! Unacceptable!" he shouted (although not loud enough to be heard by our president). I reminded him of Chirac, who left a meeting one week before because the speaker chose English, and he said: "I fully agree with Chirac! They should speak in French, Belgium is a French country!"

As he left my foreigners' group and rejoined the French guys I couldn't stop thinking what a shame the CPE doesn't apply to this French idiot.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Why this blog? I wanted to express how I feel living in Paris, surrounded by the world's most arrogant (and illiterate) people on Earth, but not with the purpose of taking revenge, but rather with the desire of contributing to making the French change. I want French people to realise that they make the world miserable every time they behave miserably and that they could do a lot of good to the foreigners who set foot along the Seine river and contribute to the world's karma by just being nice."

Hahahaha. Very funny.
But from now, I've understood. Each time you write a sentence, we must read the opposite.

Sounds like the PRAVDA (which means "truth" in Russian, hahahaha (bis) )

6:18 AM  
Blogger dirty dingus said...

In re the CPE you might like this post at my blog

10:43 PM  
Blogger Uranus said...

How true, dirty (?), French are lazy. I hope that the words of Jet2.com's CEO spread to the business community and foreign investors decide to invest in countries with some work ethics.

5:16 PM  

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