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Some people tend to think that men are good in nature and that French are no exception (well, I agree with the first part of this statement, not with the second one). These wishful thinkers feel better by thinking that only the French public employees are bad, or that only French waiters are idiots, however the reality is that French idiocy spans across professions, attacks every social class and pervades all regions, provinces, towns and political parties. In other words, French culture is a rotten tree and all its branches are weak and hopefully in a few years from now, the only remaining of French culture will be a bunch of Asterix cartoons and the Eiffel tower, two of the few things the French built to last.

One month ago, I called my French bank to ask for a new debit card, since the one I have had expired. They asked me to request it by fax. I sent them the fax, then I had to follow up with them by E-mail, since sending a fax in France doesn't mean the recipient has to do anything with it. Several weeks later they contacted me: "Your card will be at your disposal at our office on rue de XXX". Rue XXX, but if I told them there's a branch on rue YYY which is close to my workplace!!! Well, I took my umbrella, scarf and coat (the weather in Paris is miserable, as usual) and headed to the famous rue XXX. I arrived to the rue XXX, and at the number indicated, I found a building in ruins and a poster "do not trespass, dog guarding the building".

I decided to go to the rue YYY office, and the ungraceful, ugly, idiotic employee of that (my?) bank greeted me with a "what are you doing here?". I said smiling, "well, I came to collect my debit card, I think my branch sent it to this one". She asked: "Why?". This must be one of the collaborators, I thought, and replied with a rather nasty face: "Because my branch is outside Paris and I asked them to send it here since I work round this corner". She made faces, complained sottovoce... At some point, after making me feel like her work was important (although ANY immigrant could do it much better) she gave me my card.

I got back to work and noticed that the bank had charged me 16 euro for this card. What am I paying a 120 euro annual subscription for??? (yes, yes, in other countries, banks give you a microwave for opening an account, here they charge you an annual subscription).

Another "banking war" begins.


Anonymous Dutch Papa said...

Hi Uranus,

You just placed in your post a typical example of how stupid and without criteria a French can be or French-wannabies as were called in you blog, I just prefer to name them ASHOLESSSS!!! yes, it is sounds sooo incredible and none-real your experience, I mean I could not even get so bizzare experience in such a weird situation with a Stupid French like yours, not even consuming all drugs the french take (that explain their lack of grey mass in their small brain) frequently in The Netherlands.

I think this blog is a nice challenge for all those stupids "Frenchi-Wannabies" to try show us that we are all wrong about what we think about their trash-culture and their annoying way. I mean, in this blog all Frenchis-post-aswers are juts to say the same stupid things we already know they say every fucking day in their misserable lifes, this is not new for us: The fact that French Culture is SHIT.

C'mon you Frenchiiiiisss-Wannabies!!! made us feel proud and keep posting in this blog all stupids thigs you have to say... or maybe,in a really small possibility you will post some really important stuff that made us change our way to see you. The only French that have posted smart stuff are those ones that have had the chance to travel abroad, and see that this world is more than being part of riots and more than being a lazzzyyyy bastard!!!!

Well, I think that all people working in banks, post office and all this institutions most be the inmigrants, yeah!!! the ones that sell little gifts under the Eiffel tower and all turistic places, you have seen them, peopleo from: Marrocco, Turkey, Gahna... hehhehe It is incredible, if you are walking by one of this turistic places, these guys will approach to you and offer you their postal-cards or whatever they sell, and they will talk to you in at least 4 foreing languages!!! Englis (OF COURSE), spanish, Portuguese & German.... and I am saying that AT LEAT in 4, cuz I have seen some funny guys doing their conversation in other languages like Dutch and Japanese.... so, you do not need to outsource the jobs of French People to India, they already have the right people for those jobs, of course none native Frenchies-Wannabies, but a nice marroqui guy who will talk to you in many languages, with GREAT customer service, with less paid, none agressive and NONE LAZY!!!! for God!!! it is to much ask to make this lazy Frenchies-wannabies to work well and under the normal standar way!!?? I think tomorrow, I will increase the riot mass making to quit couple of this lazy-bastards here in the office... hehehehe

Uranus...keep posting, I really enjoy this blog


Mr T

Brighton Rules!!!

8:26 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If you hate the french why on earth do you live in France - sounds like your the stupid one to me

11:18 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The French Bank where I've had my account for years has lost one of my cheques that I posted on Tuesday. Yesterday I went in to ask them when they intended to do something about it. Of course the check just disappeared and the agent at the till couldn't tell me what he did with it after I gave it to him. He just sat there and looked dumbfounded. I dread knowing how long it is going to take them to rectify the situation. Last year it took over 3 months for a 20€ reimbursement when the Moneo card I was using was debited twice. The problem in France is that changing banks is of no use. The service in one is as bad as the next.

2:25 AM  
Blogger dirty dingus said...

What I love about French banks is how they are so careful abotu their money but so casual about yours. For example when I got a martgage for my house the bank sent the cashiers cheque for it to the notaire by regualr post. None of this "lettre recommendé" rubbish for a million franc cheque now becuase that costs money....

Oh yes and the Cannes postmen were on strike so the notaire didn't get the f***ing cheque on the day when we were supposed to do the sale. And, to add insult to injury it turned out that all mortgage stuff for the region was done by the Canne sbranch of the bank about 2 doors down the street from the notaire. Obviously the concept of saving a couple of centimes more by actually hand delivering the cheque was more than their jobsworth...

10:58 PM  
Blogger Uranus said...

Don't tell me. For mailing a chequebook, they charged me for the cost of the stamps. Since they didn't send it with recorded delivery, I never got the chequebook. I never got the money back either.

11:17 PM  
Blogger rhino75 said...

The thing is, and this extends to every area of life, they seem to delight in making every single process as complicated as possible for all concerned. I once tried to pay my taxes at a bank branch in pretty central Paris (16th) to be told that I couldn't because they weren't on the same computer network as my branch (also in central Paris). French shop assistants are always amazed if you actually want to buy anything too. Bonkers.

5:25 PM  
Blogger Uranus said...

My branch is outside Paris. I asked the lady if I could transfer my funds closer to home and she said NON. That I have to close my account and open a new one, paying all the fees again in the process. I said: "So, it's like changing banks" and she nodded like saying: "And we don't care if you change bank".

8:54 PM  
Anonymous Alison said...

Ah. Yes.

I await with impatience the day my French debit card expires. I can't wait to find out how they are going to get the card to me, now that I live in the States. Or what excuse the bank will give me for not sending me the new card.

And I pay 120 euros a year for my "carte international," too.

12:40 AM  
Anonymous Andy said...

Great post !
Shows us once again that france is on its way out, it will sink hopefully with all its people onboard !
Save the rats ! Drown the french !
Hope while you're there you actively contribute to sink that ship (or rather that raft !)

Kill the french ! Free the world !!

12:07 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love your website. It has a lot of great pictures and is very informative.

1:43 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, I don't really see the topic of this blog. It is just criticism about France and it's system.
I am french and I didn't have such problems.
On the contrary, I had problems in a german airport!!
Our flight was delayed for 4 hours and we missed the correspondance.
Anyway, I made a lot of travels in very different countries, and I can ensure you that asholes are universal!!
French are not very different from the others.
But as a foreigner, you must understand that people are living in a system you cannot change.
You can't ask people to change their lifestyle just because of you...
I worked (for summerjobs)for anIntercontinental hotel in Cannes, and I can ensure you that the most incredible assholes are English... No tips, no salutations,nor one "thank you".
Everything had to be done for them without even a single smile...
I can give you few advises if you want to enjoy your staying in France.
You must not take everything for granted. The french people would help you at their maximum, but don't yell at them immediately if something goes wrong. It is considered as a stupid attitude.
Try to relax!! French lifestyle is made of "worryingnessless", whatever happens.
We consider that anglo saxon people are too stressy and too imperative.
The banking system is very "particular" in France. It is one of the inner mistakes of our country... ;)
In one word there are two types of banking system: the mutualists and the others. The problem with the mutualist system is that every region has its own system...
If you want an easy bank you must choose between Société générale and BNP Paribas (I am actually working in a bank).
Be nice to people!! It doesn't mean that you have to bend over before everyone!!It just means that you had to try to be nice. Just say few words in french and you will see a huge difference.
Last time, we helped a young english dumb ass lost in Paris however his map!!
We told him the right way to go home (for 10 minutes) and he didn't even say "thank you".
And to finish, french wine!!
French are proud of it, but don't really care about wine.
They 're talking about it for you,in order to give you the image that you wanted to have of France!
Foreigners like our gastronomy, so let's talk about it.
I am not stupid, and I know that some french are bastards with the foreigners, but it doesn't reflect the reality.
Don't focus on the french privileges!! We are all mad about it, and it's slowly changing
French are usually nice, but when they feel that they are considered only as a stupid, useless employee, or just as inferior people (especially in american minds), they are not very nice.
Hope this message will not be considered as a war message, but as a key of the french system (in which you feel good when you understand the rules)!

5:58 PM  

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