Napoleon is back

I missed it!

The most awaited event of the post 2012 Olympic bid and I missed it! I was even invited, some French gave me a flyer!!!

This moment of majesty encountered me the other day on my way to the metro... this fat, bold, unfriendly man handed to me some scrap of paper. Since I thought it would contain some discount vouchers or gossip about polititians' wives, I took it, but to my surprise, it was an invite to join a pro French rally!!!!

Yes! Spread the news, Uranus was invited to join a political demonstration organised by a bunch of people called France Bonapartiste to demand that the French president is more respected in France and that elections are held only every 10 years (since this is the minimum a Napoleon would need to implement far reaching initiatives that would make the imperial eagle return to the French capital). If the Louvre exposed fine pieces of literature and thoughtful political manifestos like this flyer, I am sure they would need to build 4 or 5 more pyramids to cope with the visitors it would attract (thinking about it, Paris doesn't have a caricature museum or a museum of the idiot yet, huh?).

Let me quickly summarise the contents of the flyer:

The problems:
1. Nobody loves the President (no kidding!).
2. The Prime Minister behaves like if he was the Ambassador of the USA.
3. The Home Office secretary joins forces with Islamists to destabilise The Nation.
4. The country is on the verge to insurrection, and people demand a French government.
5. The enemies are: Globalisation and the Chinese.
6. All politicians plot with the Chinese against France.
7. France has to take strength from its grands examples in History (WHAT ARE THEY TALKING ABOUT!!!!!????).

The solutions:
1. That the President rules for 10 years.
2. That polititians are replaced by technocrats.
3. That laws are approved in public referenda.

The political rally was scheduled for May 11th in a bar of Blvd Montparnasse, but I wasn't in town.

Did you go? Do you know when is the next rally?


Anonymous Dutch Papa!! said...

HEHEHEHEHEHEHE man, this post is just incredible hehehehehe Awesome!!!!

Well, I think that is why almost all EU countries consider France the tail of Europe, It is a shame all Europe have to carry them and give them the support that they do not deserve, they are stopping all progress ... They still thinking in the past, and doing nothing in the present. This Frenchies-Wannabies from Paris are the trash of Europe but they are sooooo stupid that they can not see this.. they just continue thinking they are correct and the WHOLE world is wrong!!! and they sometimes jump into Thalys to go to Amsterdam to passout in a CoffeShop with tons of weed.. such a butch of lossersssss and great example of stupidity...

BY the way, I went to the Rally...hehehhe just kiding!!! I think they missed that they want to declare the Moon and Mars as French territories, they want to declare war againt US cuz militarization in the border with Mexico, and they want the return of the SpiceGirls and Bono from U2 to be obligated to become French.... Man did you scan the flyier to post the image in this blog?

Great Post!!!


Brigthon rules

Mr T

5:47 AM  
Blogger Jt said...

I was on boulevard Mtp the 11th but did not see the masses walk by shouting...

8:00 AM  
Anonymous Andy said...

Have you seen this poll ran worldwide stating that Americans are seen as arrogant, disrespectful, and unable to understand any other culture ??

WHAHAHA !! What a joke ! They even want to make a "Good Manners Abroad Guide" out of it !! LOL !! Ok, let's have a guide to explain some REAL cultures, but leave france out of it !! Nothing like a culture there, just a big piece of sh*t !!

Kill the french ! Free the world !!

9:40 AM  

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