Your average French neighbour

Here's the political play of the week: One guy who should be in jail for corrupt, in France he is the president. Another guy who never won any election is the PM. And another guy who hates foreigners wants to be the next president. Since the other two guys also want to stay where they are, they feel threatened by the ambitious anti-foreigners candidate. In order to silence him, they give him a secretary job in the cabinet... so that they can spy on him better!!!

Do you think this is the script for a Benny Hill show? No guys, this is happening! France is probably the only country where you are more likely to be spied upon by your colleague, your neighbour or your "friend" than by the enemy!

When you live in Paris for a while, you are not surprised that during WWII, the French utilised the German occupation to get rid of the colleagues, neighbours and anybody else they didn't like.

The problem is that French do not like a lot of people.


Anonymous Dutch Papa said...

Well, Benny Hill's show was a really great one.. so I do not think any Frenchi could had been accepted in such a great TVSHOW... well, those were english...and of course NON Frenchies cuz they could argued that WHY and english show had to be speak in English and not in French!!! hehehehhe

I have seen soooo many stupid jokes at companies with Frenchies, they are acting for real, but for me are just stupids behavios....like putting the information of a colleague into the basket and then fire the whole papers, so they can avoid the other Frenchie can take advantage of his work hehehehe This is for real I SAW IT!!!! so then his explanation was: I fuck my work, but I fuck his life to!!! so, well, that's why they are not really productive here at the company, cuz they play the game in a bad way, they cheat to other, they take information from others, they lie and at the end:they think they are righ cuz they are fighting for their jobs... THIS IS INSANE!!!

Thanks for remind us that this is the Frenchi way... Well, I got a tell you that I have worked with Frenchies outside France, in other countries and they behave in a correct way, but well, these are the few of all Frenchies!!!! most of them in Paris still SHIT!!!!


Mr T

Brighton Rules stupid frenchies!!!!

9:03 PM  
Blogger Uranus said...

Dutch Papa,

I gather that you agree with me that the present and the future of France as a country lies in outsourcing as much work as possible to other countries, and changing French culture so that it gets aligned with the mainstream European culture.


P.S. The equivalent of Benny in France is a guy called Sarko. The key difference between those two is that Benny wouldn't become PM of the UK.

12:14 AM  
Blogger rhino75 said...

When I moved into my apartment, one of my neighbours handily pointed out "the informer" for the building and said "just be careful what you say around him". So I think the tradition is alive and well...

11:34 PM  
Blogger Uranus said...

I have seen it everywhere, in my building, at the office... Gossiping and "informing" are widespread.

12:59 PM  
Anonymous Andy said...

Hey ! I learn with your post that those people I sometimes see on TV really do pretend to govern france ! I always thought it was just a comic show !!
Whahaha ! Makes it even funnier ! Hope the whole thing pretty soon goes down through the toilet !!

Kill the french ! Free the world !!

12:17 PM  

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